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Students are required to buy a calculator a lab coat, based on the rules within the National Education Policy (NEP) 2022. and closed-toe shoes. This means that flexibility in learning and a self-paced learning approach are part of the curriculum.

Student Learning Outcomes. Students can easily get a certificate, After completing this course after completion, diploma or degree depending on the time they’re qualified to complete the course. the student can: Learning tools online used by the university are updated and user-friendly. identify the quality of raw and cooked food and evaluate them on the basis of taste, The university has interactive, texture, virtual contact programs in which students are able to clarify their concerns and establish peer networks. and color. All of the programs are linked to work (in conjunction in conjunction with the TCS ION) and offer support for placement for students. Measure and weigh food items and identify kitchen equipment using their names and utilize them in a manner that is appropriate.

The support services for students of SASTRA University are fast and speedy in solving students’ questions. Apply the principles of food theory to select and demonstrate the best cooking methods to increase the amount of nutrients in all categories of food items.

SASTRA University’s online courses SASTRA University are industry-relevant and offer a modern and useful program. The categories include but aren’t limited to: In light of all the above It is clear that the division of on-line learning in SASTRA University is indeed multi-focused and is focused on student development using an holistic and practical lens. fruits, Online Courses are offered by SASTRA University Online. vegetables oils and fats, The university offers a range of degree programmes online for level of UG and at PG. eggs, The full details of these programs are provided below. milk products cereals, – A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) baked goods and starches, BBA is a 3 year course offered at the undergraduate level in the area of management. poultry seafood, The course details which are taught in SASTRA University are provided below: and meat. Information on the Course for Online BBA from SASTRA University.

Differentiate between various ways of heat transfer and select the appropriate cooking material and methods. – 1 Year: Correct mistakes in cooking and analyze the quality of cooked food items, Certificate – 2 Years: and identify the possibility of errors in technique or the selection of ingredients. Diploma – 3 Years: Apply the best practices in food preparation hygiene practices in the lab. Degree. NUTRI 340 Nutrition and Metabolism. – The Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Units: B.Com is among the most awaited and relevant degrees of the moment, 3 hours: and gives students the opportunity to build an occupation in a variety of commerce-related fields. 53 hours LEC Prerequisite: Here are all the information about the program that SASTRA University offers. BIOL 300, SASTRA University.

CHEM 305, The details of the online course for B.Com from SASTRA University. OR NUTRI 300 with an average that is "C" or higher Advisory LiBR 318 with grades that is "C" or higher. – 1 Year: Transferable: Certificate – 2 Years: CSU; Diploma – 3 Years: UC (UC credit limit: Degree. NUTRI 302, – The Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) NUTRI 322 and NUTRI 340 together Maximum credit: BCA is a renowned course in the field of computer science which is extremely sought-after today. three units. ) General Education A/AS Area IV Catalog Date: Students are able to pursue various career possibilities after completing the program. August 1st, Below are the complete details about the online BCA course provided by SASTRA University. 2022.

Details about the course from Online BCA at SASTRA University. This course focuses on how chemical structures are formed and the metabolism of carbohydrates as well as lipids and proteins. – Master of Arts (B.A) The emphasis is on the physiological functions of minerals and vitamins and metabolic pathways and their relationship with overall health.

SASTRA University provides students with an online B.A. Additionally this course will assist students apply their understanding of knowledge about metabolism to current and controversial topics in nutrition. course that will help in helping students advance their careers who study humanities related fields. Student Learning Outcomes. The course’s information is available here: After completing this course after completion, The details of the online course for B.A from SASTRA University. the student can: – 1 Year: describe the scientific method and explain how scientists employ various kinds of research studies and techniques to gather nutrition data. Certificate – 2 Years: Define the four categories of Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI) and explain their purpose and the basic research methods are used to develop these categories. Diploma – 3 Years: Find out about a variety of lifestyle and health risk factors and discuss their relationship to nutrition and chronic illnesses. Degree.

Analyze and analyze how nutrients are processed chemically and at a physiological level. – Total Course Fee: Explain how biochemical and medical assessment techniques are employed to identify nutrient and energy deficiency and excessive levels. INR 1,20,000 (For 3 Years) – INR 20,000 per Semester.

Create and interpret written and oral communications to critically assess the nutritional information that is presented in popular media publications. Masters of Commerce (M.Com) NUTRI 495 Independent Studies in Nutrition and Foods. This is among the courses that is highly sought-after by professionals and is provided to students via the delivery via online by SASTRA. Units 1 – 3 hours 54 162 hours of LAB.

We have listed all the essential details of that course down below. Prerequisite No.

Information on the course of online M.Com from SASTRA University. The course is transferable CSU Catalog The date is August 1st, Bachelor’s Degrees in the format of 10+2+3 or equivalent in any stream from a recognized University. 2022. – Total Course Fee: NUTRI 498 Work Experiences in Nutrition. INR 80,000 (For 2 Years) – INR 20,000 per Semester. Units 1 – 4 hours 60-300 hours of LAB. – The Master of Business Administration (MBA) Prerequisite is: MBA It is an advanced level degree that helps students build an impressive career in the management field.

None. Course Information from Online MBA at SASTRA University. The student must be enrolled in an internship that is paid or unpaid or volunteer program or work that is that is related to their career. Bachelor’s Degrees in the 10+2+3 format , The transferable credit is: or equivalent in any stream from a recognized University. CSU General Education: – Total Course Fee: A/AS III(b) Catalog Date: INR 1,20,000 (For 2 Years) – INR 30,000 per Semester. III(b) The catalog date is 1 August 2022. – MCA – Master of Computer Applications (MCA) The course offers students the opportunity to build relevant skills that can be used for a career or advancement in the area of Nutrition.

It is a postgraduate degree in the field of computer-related applications. The course content will focus on understanding the importance of education in the workforce?

Completing mandatory forms that record the student’s progress as well as time spent on the job site? and acquiring the skills needed for work and competencies. It helps to service enhance one’s career in the area of IT. In the course of the semester,

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