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Babies enjoy classrooms made for exploring with teachers who support both today’s big milestones and tomorrow’s leaps toward the future. Science :
  •  Exploration and Discovery: dump and pour sand and water; explore natural materials; and experiment with cause-and-effect
  • Problem Solving:  use items in varied ways, treasure baskets to entice curiosity
Art :
  • Visual Arts: explore colours, shapes, and textures
  • Music and Creative Movement: experiment with sounds; move in response to music and rhythm
  • Dramatic Arts: enjoy storytelling; imitate actions, daily exposure to the arts
Math :
  • Number Sense: explore quantity concepts like “one” or “more” or “less;” spatial relations, e.g., over, under, and through
  • Sorting and Patterning: identify differences in texture and size; name objects; repeat actions
  • Time: anticipate an event
Self-Awareness :
  • Movement: participate in routines and rhythms that promote peaceful experiences; listen to music; move bodies for strong development
  • Nutrition: taste and enjoy nutritious foods
  • Health and Safety: participate in personal health care, such as washing hands
Building Character :
  • Character and Citizenship: begin to understand individual needs; purposefully interact with peers
  • Nature Experiences: explore grass, flowers, and other natural materials, daily outdoor exploration (weather permitting)
Caring :
  • Social-Emotional: learn that the world is a safe place and that adults can be trusted to respond quickly and with kindness; develop strong bonds with caregivers; respond to others, prime Times, our approach to building nurturing relationships in everyday moments.
Language :
  • Listening and Speaking: tune into voices; show interest in stories; listen and respond
  • Early Literacy: explore picture books and participate in rhyme games 


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